Missouri COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Products on this page are derived from data released by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. This data is subject to review and revision if errors are detected. Data will be updated daily so long as staff time allows.

New cases are defined as cases that are detected via a RT-PCR test from an approve laboratory. Raw data is represented in blue, 3 day average is represented in red, and 7 day average is represented in yellow.

Deaths are defined as persons who died from COVID-19 or complications of illness directly associated with COVID-19

Cumulative positive cases Statewide with trendline

PCR tests per day for Clinton County. PCR tests for the presence of virus in the patient, and is used to diag acute infection of COVID-19

Serology tests per day for Clinton County. Serology tests for antibodies which are indicative of prior COVID-19 infection. They are not used to determine if a patient is currently infected with COVID-19.