COVID-19 Vaccine

New COVID-19 Vaccinations Approved

In September 2023, the FDA and CDC approved new, monovalent COVID-19 vaccines that have been updated to provide better protection from variants in widespread circulation. These vaccines are available and recommended for all persons age 6 months and older.

The Clinton County Health Department will receive and administer these vaccines when they become available. We anticipate this to be the first week of October 2023

COVID-19 vaccinations are now privately funded, like all other vaccinations. If you have health insurance, the Health Department will bill your insurance for the cost of COVID-19 vaccination.

If you are uninsured or your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of vaccinations, a limited number of publicly-funded vaccinations are available.

COVID 19 Vaccination Schedule

The Current COVID-19 vaccination schedule can be found here: CDC 2023-2024 COVID-19 Vaccination Schedule