COVID-19 Vaccine

Missouri COVID-19 Vaccine Navigator

The State of Missouri has deployed a vaccine registration system called Missouri Vaccine Navigator. This system replaces our local pre-registration survey. This survey is no longer available. All persons who registered on our local survey are asked to register with Missouri Vaccine Navigator.

Availability and Prioritization

Two presentations of COVID-19 vaccines have received Emergency Use Authorization. Due to very limited supply at rollout, vaccines have been prioritized for those at highest risk first.

Priorities are established by the State of Missouri, and transition from one phase to the next will be done at the State-Level.

Vaccine availability is currently extremely limited. Demand significantly exceeds supply.

Missouri is currently vaccinating Phase 1A & 1B Tier 1. Missouri will begin vaccinating Phase 1B Tier 2 Monday January 18

We do not currently know when we will transition to the next priority group. When this move is made, it will be state-wide, and will be widely published.

Phase 1B – Tier 1

  • Public Health Administrators and Staff
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Services
  • Corrections
  • Emergency Management
  • Public Works
  • Emergency Services

Phase 1B – Tier 2

  • Anyone 65 and older
  • Any adults with:
    • Cancer
    • Chronic Kidney Disease
    • COPD
    • Heart Conditions
    • Weakened immune system due to organ transplant
    • Severe obesity (BMI >40)
    • Pregnancy
    • Sickle Cell Disease
    • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    • Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome

Phase 1B – Tier 3

  • Education (K-12)
  • Childcare
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Dams Sector
  • Energy Sector
  • Food & Agriculture Sector 1
  • Government
  • Information Technology
  • Nuclear Reactor Sector
  • Transportation Systems
  • Water and Wastewater Systems

Where Can I Get Vaccinated?

Tier 1A vaccines are being coordinated through employers. If you are a worker who falls into tier 1A, speak with your employer about vaccination. In Clinton County, Employees of Long-Term Care Facilities and Long-Term care residents are being vaccinated by the Federal Private-Public Partnership program. Hospital Staff, including outreach clinic staff are being vaccinated by their employers.

The Health Department is vaccinating medical staff for facilities located within Clinton County who are not enrolled vaccinators with the State of Missouri.

When additional vaccination tiers open, vaccines will be available from multiple sources including doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and the Health Department. The opening of additional tiers of eligible persons will be publicly published.