Health Department Accepting Private Insurance for Immunizations

The Clinton County Health Department is now accepting private insurance for immunizations of both children and adults.

The Health Department has partnered with a private vendor to provide immunizations to both children and adults with private health insurance. This is in addition to the Health Department’s participation in the Federal Vaccine for Children program, which provides no-cost vaccine for un-insured children, under-insured children, children who are medicaid recipients, and children who are American Indian/Alaskan Native.

In addition, the Health Department will begin immunizing adults who have private insurance, and adults who choose to self-pay for immunizations.

At this time, immunizations from insured patients will only be seen at our Plattsburg Office. Patients must bring their insurance card at the time of immunization, as well as a photo id (if an adult). Children must have a parent or guardian present to sign for consent to immunize.

Patients wishing to receive immunizations at the Health Department need to call for an appointment at 816-539-2144.

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