Health Department Adopts Tobacco Free Campus Policy

Effective March 7, 2019 the Clinton County Health Department has adopted a tobacco free campus policy which applies to the Health Department property in Plattsburg.

The policy applies to both smoked and smokeless tobacco, as well as nicotine containing vaporized devises, and applies to all areas of the Health Department Campus, both indoors and outdoors.

This policy was adopted in part in ensure a healthy environment for our staff, clients, and visitors. It was also adopted to better reflect the Health-Focused culture of the Health Department.

While the Health Department recognizes and respects an adult’s right to make choices in their habits, we also recognize that there are those who don’t have the ability to make these choices. We commit to do our best to ensure that those in this position are ensured a clean and safe environment while they are guests on our campus.

We also recognize that societal norms have shifted significantly over the last couple of decades. With more and more businesses, and municipalities adopting clean air and smoke-free ordinances, we felt it was important to encourage these changes to continue, and to be a visible advocate for those changes.

The Health Department is committed to improving the Health of all persons within Clinton County. Access to educational resources, as well as referral to resources for tobacco cessation are available to anyone who would needs help kicking a tobacco or vape habit.

Adoption of this policy was made possible by a grant from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program.

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